Pocket God PC

Pocket God is a god game where a player controls an island and its inhabitants. This game is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and now it is on PC version. Pocket God PC is one of the popular games and ranked as the Top 100 game in the App Store. For me, Pocket God PC version is way cooler than other because I love to play games with wide screens. So when it was released, I immediately went and grabbed my copy. Now, I enjoyed playing the game especially during my break time.

The goal of Pocket God PC is just the same as in the iPhone version. You play as a god to a group of pygmy villagers. Since you are a god, you decide on what to do for pygmies. You can let them dance, leave them at peace, or you can set calamity on them or you can make their life miserable. It’s really fun especially when I unleash catastrophes on them such as throwing them into a volcano or feeding them to sharks.  If a pygmy dies, you can replace it by clicking the plus sign or tap the screen for mobiles. The faces of pygmies make me smile because they have a cute, retro look and they come with bright colors. Also, the graphics is good that adds cool environment in the game.

For those who do not know how to play it on PC, consider reading these following steps. Some websites requires you to sign up of log in for a free account. If you see it, download and install the game on your computer. Open the game and click the plus sign in the upper left corner if you want to add more pygmies. It can also bring back the lives of pygmies. To view and choose available weapons, click the upward facing triangle in the upper left corner. Crushing pygmies can be done by dropping stones. You can also roll the stones back and forth on the island. You can create havoc in the island by browsing through the upper region of your screen to set various catastrophic events on your loyal Pygmies, and change all kinds of features in the islands.

In addition, if you want to throw pygmies into the volcano, grab pygmies using your mouse and drop them. The volcano will burst out, killing the lives of pygmies. Grabbing and moving the sun down below the horizon will make pygmies to sleep. Move the pygmies into the water and wait until they drown. Or you can drop coconut onto one pygmy by clicking the palm tree. You pretty much do whatever you desire in Pocket God Game. You are the god, and with your mighty godly hands, the the powers are in your… pocket!

Overall, the Pocket God PC version is really entertaining and much funner to play with. Download now!