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Pocket God is one of the best iPhone games to date, and is being played by millions of gamers. In Pocket God, you act as the god of the islands of Oog, where you have complete control over some Pygmies. You can help them or torture them in many ways, to complete various tasks. There are so many things to explore and do, and also dozens of mini-games and other islands to explore, and of course – many enemies!

Pocket God features complete control over your little islanders. If you wanna be mean, you certainly can – as the island god you can lift them up in the air and throw them away, drone them in sea or feed them to the sharks, drop a coconut on their head or electrify them with a lightning and the list goes on and on. You also have control on the night and day settings, you can make storms or tilt your smartphone up and down to mimic an earthquake or hang your device upside down to watch the little Pygmies hang on to dear life before falling down. Did i also mention killer apes, volcano eruptions and island monsters? I would tell you about the good stuff you can do and the objectives you can complete but between you and me, you’re just going to torture them – right?!

Pocket God Games

So take a journey to Uranus or visit the mysterious graveyard. Dive into infinite depths, enter active volcanoes or withstand crazy hurricanes! Pocket god is an interactive game that lets you explore and reveal many islands, monsters and characters! Discover your godly powers and use them however you want! Fight a deadly war on Uranus or ward off zombies from a different dimension.

Oh and don’t forget – you can still make your pygmies life miserable but torturing them in an endless amount of ways, or maybe help them? Nah, who are we kidding here!?

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